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Reader in the World of Black Butler - Chapter 8
Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler Fanfic
Chapter 8: A Prince and his Princess

“Come oooon! I’m always telling you to call me Lizzie!” Like a human combination of both bear and cat, Lizzie squeezed Ciel and rubbed him with her head. “AHHNN!! You’re SOOO CUUUTE as always!” A chorus of cracks sang from Ciel’s back. He didn’t even have the breath left to tell her to let go.
Sebastian, probably noticing Ciel was about to be crushed to death, coughed into his glove. “Ahem. Miss Elizabeth...”
At the sound of Sebastian’s voice, Lizzie released Ciel and turned to greet him. “Why, good day, Sebastian!” With the attention off him, Ciel stumbled away. You watched as he wheezed and panted the air back into his lungs. How strong was that girl? Perhaps it was her love that made her powerful...?
Sebastian sunk into his standard bow. “It has been quite some time since we last saw you, miss.”
Elizabeth bunched he
:iconda-goddess-hylia:Da-Goddess-Hylia 11 22
Please Don't Run Away - Lelouch x Reader
Lost in thought, I walked the stairs to the second floor of the school where my biology class was being held. My steps were slow, my limbs weighed down by depressing thoughts. It was only second period and I didn’t know how I would get through the day. I wanted to lie down on the floor and forget the world. But I dragged myself along, only the rigmarole of school keeping me going.
Unfortunately, my thoughts elsewhere, I wasn’t paying particular attention to my surroundings and didn’t realise I’d already reached the top of the staircase until I tried to mount another step and fell forward when my foot fell through air. My brain registered this quickly and shock coursed through me like an electric current. I started to cry out and held my arms out in front of me in a vain attempt to keep from falling – and my body came to a sudden stop as I fell into something.
It took me a second before the true horror of my situation hit me. My face was pressed into someon
:iconda-goddess-hylia:Da-Goddess-Hylia 137 22
Reader in the World of Black Butler - Chapter 7
Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler Fanfic
Chapter 7: While the Cat's Away

Crack! Creeeak, SMASH!
“AAAAAAAH!! I’ve gone and done it agaaain!” Finny cried, holding his hands to his head. “And after I got scolded just yesterday for breaking the young master’s stick! Mister Sebastian will yell at me agaaain!” he wailed.
Interrupted from your dusting of the books in Ciel’s library (which you had noticed needed a cursory dust yesterday when you had borrowed your book) by the loud ominous noises coming from outside, you climbed down from the ladder you had been up and rushed over to the window. Mey-Rin, who had been helping from the floor where she couldn’t sneeze and topple off the ladder dragging half the books with her, was already there, squinting out the window but with little success due to her glasses. She saw you arrive beside her, however, and asked, “What was that!?”
From your vantage point you could see a tree, young and
:iconda-goddess-hylia:Da-Goddess-Hylia 33 30
Reader in the World of Black Butler - Chapter 6
Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler Fanfic
Chapter 6: A New Walking Stick

Your eyes widened in horror as you continued to look at the beautifully polished, broken cane. Fretfully, you wondered if it could be glued back together, but then discarded that idea when you realised the cane would never be the same. You looked at Ciel. He was staring at the cane, his face turning a dark red.
Finny started crying. He looked so pitiful, his eyes clamped shut, tears falling down his cheeks as he held the two pieces of the cane in his hands. “I’m sorry, young master! I’m soooorry!” he wailed.
You were petrified. You could tell from Ciel’s red face that he was barely restraining his anger and you were bracing for the lash of his fury when he unleashed it. Your mind flashed with the memory of Bard’s words said only that morning. The ghost of his voice whispered in your mind: “Just a word to the wise: don’t get on his bad side, whatever you do.
:iconda-goddess-hylia:Da-Goddess-Hylia 30 42
Reader in the World of Black Butler - Chapters
Reader in the World of Black Butler
~Table of Contents~
Chapter 1: Looking for Work -
Chapter 2: Going Home -
Chapter 3: Welcome -
Chapter 4: Getting Settled In -
Chapter 5: Hidden Strength -
Chapter 6: A New Walking Stick -
Chapter 7: While the Cat's Away -
:iconda-goddess-hylia:Da-Goddess-Hylia 13 6
Reader in the World of Black Butler - Chapter 5
Kuroshitsuji/ Black Butler Fanfic
Chapter 5 - Hidden Strength

Today was the day. The first day on the job.
And you were tired.
You hadn’t slept well last night. You mind had been too full and it had taken a long time for you to fall asleep. And once you were asleep, the dreams crept in. Dreams full of blackness and fear, scuffling sounds and a pervasive cold. Nothing made sense except a deep-seated terror of being constantly hunted. Sometimes the dreams took you back to places you used to know – Mr Hawthorne’s - and, before that, your real home back when your family was still alive. Sometimes there were moments of joy as you relived memories of your family, but those parts were marred by smoke, screams and the glare of fire. Ultimately, you hated falling asleep.
Awake now in the early hours of the morning, you bathed, dressed in your new uniform and brushed your (l/h) (h/c) hair into a bun, fastening it with a white ribbon. Then you checked yourself in the f
:iconda-goddess-hylia:Da-Goddess-Hylia 51 42
'Goodbye to Shy' Shybusters
Author's Note: This information has been copied from the book 'Goodbye to Shy' by Leil Lowndes. She is the best-selling author of 10 books on communication skills and has spoken in every major city in the US and many abroad. She has been called "America's Communication Guru," because she has helped millions become better communicators for business, friendship and love.
The information uses the terms 'Shys' and 'Sures' which means shy people and confident people respectively, in case that causes any confusion. There will also be information that may not make sense in this context. I recommend that if you are interested, buy 'Goodbye to Shy' or borrow it from your local library if it is there.


As a general rule, unless you’ve been advised by a responsible mental health professional, don’t tell people you’re shy. Save the revelation for people who are important to you, like relatives or close friends.
:iconda-goddess-hylia:Da-Goddess-Hylia 0 0
Reader in the World of Black Butler - Chapter 4
Chapter 4: Getting Settled In
Easing the door open, you checked the corridor to see if anyone was around. Nobody. You still couldn’t get used to the fact that for such a big house it had so few people to run it. If there had been someone around you could have asked where to find Mey-Rin or one of the others, but as it is was you set off to find them yourself.
The tapping of your shoes was the only noise as you slowly meandered along corridors, studying the portraits of people you assumed to be Ciel’s ancestors, viewing paintings – some as massive as the walls they hung on, some that looked centuries old – opening doors that only revealed bedrooms like yours, until you somehow found yourself in the foyer with its elegant staircase and chandelier. Being in such a large room all by yourself was quite intimidating. You really wished at that moment that you could find one of the others.
It was then that you thought about finding that room that yo
:iconda-goddess-hylia:Da-Goddess-Hylia 38 28
Reader in the World of Black Butler - Chapter 3
Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler Fanfic
Chapter 3: Welcome

Mey-Rin, Bard and Finny were all gathered around you as you sat in bed the next morning eating apple pie and custard. “This is wonderful,” you said, scooping up another forkful.
“Sorry you had to have it cold,” Bard said.
“Not at all. It’s perfect,” you said, stuffing another mouthful of pie in. You were ravenous. You hadn’t eaten since yesterday morning and that had only been simple porridge. This was so yummy and settled nicely in your stomach.
Bard’s cheeks turned a little pink at your compliment and he rubbed the back of his neck. His ever-present cigarette between his lips, he said, “Ah, it was nothing really.”
You graced him with a smile and continued eating.
At this moment you were supremely happy. You’d had a full restful night’s sleep in a comfortable bed and now there was food in your stomach. On your bedside table, a glass vas
:iconda-goddess-hylia:Da-Goddess-Hylia 58 34
Reader in the World of Black Butler - Chapter 2
Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler Fanfic
Chapter 2 – Going Home

The sun had begun its descent beneath the horizon. You walked the streets of your city back to your hostel. The streets were still busy as people made their way home or to the pubs and you tried to avoid pedestrians and carriages as you went. Only a few more streets and you’d be – home? It wasn’t home – not really – but it was somewhere to lay down your head at night with a measure of security. You were looking forward to walking into the common room where the fire would be blazing and you could have some dinner.
You hadn’t been eating properly since you left Mr Hawthorne’s service, since you were trying to ration your money. But tonight you could afford a hot meal. Your stomach felt tight and painful. Your feet, legs and back all ached. Your eyes wanted to close and all you wanted to do was sleep.
You stumbled on an uneven paver and fell forward, crashing into t
:iconda-goddess-hylia:Da-Goddess-Hylia 54 16
Reader in the World of Black Butler - Chapter 1
Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler Fanfic
Chapter 1: Looking for Work

You steeled your resolve, breathing deeply to calm yourself, and before you could chicken out, rapped loudly on the heavy-set double doors. You stepped back quickly from the threshold and clasped your hands in front of you to stop them trembling. You looked back the way you’d come, back down the long paved drive with its avenue of large evergreen trees and blossoming flower bushes, all manicured to perfection as you’d noticed walking up.
To distract yourself from the agony of waiting, you scrutinised the doors in front of you. They were beautifully carved in shapes of birds and flowers and delicate patterns. You followed the lines, tracing the patterns and making out the shapes. In the centre of the doors were the initials of the family who owned this house: PH.
Seeing those letters just brought to mind the folly of what you were doing here. You, a poor orphaned nobody, trying to find work at
:iconda-goddess-hylia:Da-Goddess-Hylia 107 17
Sutari by Da-Goddess-Hylia Sutari :iconda-goddess-hylia:Da-Goddess-Hylia 0 0


Falls The Shadow (Hunter!Germany x Reader)~ Part 5
Ludwig Beilschmidt ground his teeth when he was annoyed. He also exhaled loudly out of his nose like a snorting bull. And he muttered to himself.
You knew this, because he had been doing it continuously since you had set out with him.
It was getting rather annoying.
The two of you trudged through the undergrowth of the forest, mostly avoiding eye contact and only speaking when absolutely necessary. No doubt he was still in something of a whirl of bewilderment and annoyance that a young girl had managed to argue her way into coming with him, all with some simple use of logic. You could scarcely believe it yourself, but something in you had obviously hardened since the tragedy that had befallen your family. So far, you weren’t sure if it was a good thing or not.
It occurred to you that you really were getting well acquianted with this particular forest - probably moreso than anyone else from the village besides the rangers. When Ludwig sighed loudly again, it annoyed you enough tha
:iconunluckyamulet:UnluckyAmulet 61 26
Her Chamber of Secrets Ch 8 DracoxReader
Her Chamber of Secrets
Chapter VIII:
Returning to Hogwarts
You were lost, left completely dumbfounded by Draco's last statement.  
"You've fallen for me?" You questioned him. "You barely know me, Draco."
He looked at his feet, appearing to feel ashamed of his confession. "I know (F/N), but I know I have feelings for you and I also know I didn't want those people to hurt you."
Steel eyes met your (E/C) ones. "I know Potter wants you and I can't let him take you away from me."
As much as you wanted to be with Draco, you were slightly disturbed by his possessive behavior. You weren't his prize and you weren't Harry's either.
You thought that this was a technique of Draco's. He'd make you believe that he truly cared for you, just so he could lead you on and coax you into bed.
It hurt to think that he'd do this after the time the two of you spent together.
"Draco, I'm not yours and I'm not Harry's either. You can't expect me to just jump into your arms. I need time to process." You tol
:iconmackenziethehuntress:MackenzieTheHuntress 81 27
Her Chamber of Secrets Ch 7 DracoxReader
Her Chamber of Secrets
Chapter VII:
Harry untangled your hair from his hand as he loosened the hold he had on you. "(F/N) would you like to sit with us on the train?" He asked you whilst looking about for Draco.
You pulled away from him and smiled. "I would love too, but I've got to take care of this." You replied as you spotted Draco standing over by a water fountain.
"(F/N) wait, maybe you shouldn't." Hermoine pleaded. "Whatever his intentions were, they weren't good."
You gave her a gentle smile and then walked off towards Draco. His face turned a pale shade when he spotted you walking towards him.
"Can I have a word?" You asked in a stressed manner.
"Yeah, sure." He replied simply.
Gripping his forearm tightly, you pulled him away from his aficionados.
There were a thousand and one things you wanted to say to him but all you could muster up was "What in Salazar's name would make you leave Harry behind?"
Draco opened his mouth to speak, however you kept yelling. "I understand
:iconmackenziethehuntress:MackenzieTheHuntress 116 25
Her Chamber Of Secrets DracoXReader CH6
Her Chamber Of Secrets
Chapter VI:
His Mark
What started off as an exciting evening with friends quickly faded into a survival situation. You were jumping about with Hermione and Ginny when Mr. Weasley ran into the tent in a panic. “Stop! Stop it! It’s not the Irish. We have to get out of here. Now.” He grabbed onto Ginny’s arm.
Everyone ran out of the tent at once. Hermione, Ron, and Mr. Weasley in one direction, Fred, George, and Ginny in the other. Only you and Harry were left. “There!” You pointed to an open spot in the crowd.
Harry grabbed your hand and the two of you ran side by side until you tripped over a stake in the ground and knocked him over. Your fall was cushioned by Harry, whom you fell on top of. “Sorry.” You muttered before rolling onto your back.
You tried to pull yourself to your feet but a passerby accidently kicked you in the side causing you to hit the ground with force. Your vision faded in and out, catching only a
:iconmackenziethehuntress:MackenzieTheHuntress 100 24
Her Chamber Of Secrets DracoXReader CH 5
Her Chamber of Secrets
Chapter V:
“(F/n)!” Hermione yelled when she noticed you walking into the Great Hall. She hugged you tightly and then grabbed you by the cheeks. “How are you feeling?”
“I’m fine. Really.” You gently pulled her hands from your face.
“Why don’t you sit with us tonight?” She asked pointing to the two empty seats across from Ron and Harry.
“Me, a Slytherin, sitting at the Gryffindor table?” Hermione must have noticed the worried look you were wearing.
“Don’t worry about it, they know you’re not like Draco and his lackeys.” You laughed at the thought of Crabbe and Goyle being Draco’s henchmen.
“So I take that as a yes, then?”
“I guess it wouldn't hurt.” You smiled and took your seat between Seamus and Hermione.
Seamus gave you a few sideways glances. He warmed up to you after you said hello. You felt out of place at the Gryffindor table b
:iconmackenziethehuntress:MackenzieTheHuntress 89 4
Her Chamber Of Secrets DracoXReader CH4
Her Chamber Of Secrets
Chapter IV:
Something Wicked This Way Comes
‘Oh what a pleasure Draco Malfoy can be.’ You thought to yourself. He was gorgeous but you could never let him know that. It was a terrible thing really.
Class went on without any further complications. You gave Hagrid most of your attention only sneaking a few apologetic glances towards Harry and then towards Blaise. You couldn't help but feel guilty for Draco’s sudden outburst of masculinity.
“Right, you lot. Less chatterin’. Form a group over there and open yer books to page forty-nine.” Hagrid spoke above the loud roar of gossip.
“And exactly how do we do that?” Draco questioned.
“Well, just stroke the spine, o’ course. Goodness me!” You chuckled at Hagrid’s response but quickly stopped and looked away when Draco looked at you.
You heard Hermione say something beside you.  “I think they’re funny.”
“Oh, yeah. Terribly
:iconmackenziethehuntress:MackenzieTheHuntress 93 12
Her Chamber Of Secrets DracoXReader CH3
Her Chamber Of Secrets
Chapter III:
It was freezing downstairs. But why? It was insanely hot up in the girl’s dormitory. You lowered your wand and started pulling on your shorts in an attempt to make them longer.
"Cold (l/n)?" Draco asked in a hushed tone as he walked towards you.
"No, I'm bloody sweating to death!"
"Shhh! Keep it down." Draco put his hand up signaling for you to shut up.
He snaked his arms around you and removed the wand from your hand. "Incendio." He whispered, casting a fire charm at the fireplace.
He looked into your (e/c) eyes that were filled with confusion. Draco leaned in close to your face, making the gap between you nonexistent.
"What's going on in that head of yours?" He asked pressing his forehead to yours.
You pulled away from him and walked over to the fireplace. It was slowly heating up the room.
"Well, I was thinking that my fingers are bound to fall off at any second." You warmed your hands in front of the fire.
You heard Draco's footste
:iconmackenziethehuntress:MackenzieTheHuntress 120 16
Her Chamber Of Secrets DracoXReader CH2
Her Chamber Of Secrets
Chapter II:
Back in the Slytherin common room you were sprawled out across one of the couches looking through an old book. Within minutes you managed to fall asleep with the book covering your face. You were out for an hour or so, until you were woken up by noise on the other side of the door.
You sat up quickly and rubbed the sleep from your soft (e/c) eyes. The book that was resting on your face swiftly fell to the floor.
"Sleep well (l/n)?" You heard Draco ask as he walked into the room.
You quickly picked the book up and chucked it at his head. You missed terribly and hit Pansy square in the face, but you didn't get to see that because you had rolled over and reclaimed your spot on the couch.
Draco and a few others started laughing, Pansy started crying, and her friends gave you pissy looks. You were almost sleeping again when you felt someone pick up your legs and lay them across their lap.
"Go away." You mumbled into a pillow.
"(f/n), I'm hear
:iconmackenziethehuntress:MackenzieTheHuntress 117 4
Her Chamber Of Secrets DracoXReader
Her Chamber Of Secrets
Chapter I:
Potions N' Stuff
Potions did you love potions class. You enjoyed following recipes, mixing ingredients, and frankly you were really good at it. Then there was Professor Snape, you admired him. It's a shame that he isn't attractive or you'd have a full fledged crush on the guy. You were lost in one of his lectures when a knock on the wall pulled you from your trance.
You turned around only to see a certain fair-haired Slytherin standing in the door way. "Ah, Mister Malfoy, it's nice to see you've finally arrived to class. Why don't you take a seat over there next to Miss (l/n)." He gestured his pale, slender hand in your direction.
"Great." You mumbled under your breath. It's not like you hated Draco, but you weren't head over heels for him either. He was just kinda there, a thorn in your side if you will.
You and Draco were oblivious to each other during your first year at Hogwarts. However you became well acquainted when the Chamber of Sec
:iconmackenziethehuntress:MackenzieTheHuntress 186 9
Going Alone by Lethalityrush Going Alone :iconlethalityrush:Lethalityrush 1,305 301 FE Awakening: Ignatius' Playthrough (Part 28) by LhasaApso FE Awakening: Ignatius' Playthrough (Part 28) :iconlhasaapso:LhasaApso 52 46
Brave [Link x Injured!PTSD!Reader]
( Please listen while you read!)
Wind; its cool caresses tickle your cheeks and brush aside your hair.
The sunshine; its precious, golden rays warm cool patches along your skin.
The birds twitter and sing their lullaby as they swirl and play with the emerald leaves that fall. The cool grass cradles you, tickling the bare skin of your cheeks, neck and arms.
Despite the peace finally settling in Hyrule, despite the joy and celebration bursting forth in every town, every home, for the Hero that relieved them of the horror from the shadows, your heart aches. Your limbs ache.
No, everything aches, inside and out.
Every moment you close your eyes, the horrid visages of monsters once slain, imprinted into your mind, resurface and torture you. Your head spins. Your heart pounds so voraciously, the beating sends tremors through your limbs and throat.
You were going to die. You were certain every time that fear clenched your chest, stole your breath awa
:iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 113 18
Takuma x Reader Just one Bite: Part 2
Takuma x Reader part 2
    "Vampires aren't real." You tightened the ribbon around your neck, a little anxious.
    "They aren't real. Himura is crazy..." You repeated, walking down the stone path to the Moon Dorm. Your quiet steps echoed in the lonely night. You were the only one to be seen outside but as you looked to your left, sure enough you could see yellow lights shining in the windows of the first classroom building. "Still at class the note said, so I will be fine. Just-" you gasped, startled by a bug that flew past your face.
    You didn't know why you were so jumpy. You absolutely did not believe that vampires were real. You were just in this for the money.
    "The frickin' place looks like a damn haunted mansion!" You looked over your shoulder at the full, glowing moon. Bracing yourself, you placed a hand on the door handle, and turned it slowly. "Why would anyone wanna go to school here, rich or not?" You whispered to yourse
:icondimantesreign:DimantesReign 109 72
Takuma x Reader Just one Bite: Part 1
Night fell over Cross Academy. The wind blew softly and tousled your hair as you stood outside the main gates. You sighed, looking up at the towering metal bars that were locked tight for the night. You wrapped one small hand around the cool silver tubes that kept you out. Just beyond the main archway, you could already see your first destination: the main building. It stood there, menacing and intimidating in the eerie moonlight that washed over it. An owl cooed from the woods behind you. You jumped, startled by the only noise in the calm night air. You held your hand to your chest, trying to calm your heartbeat.
“Gosh, I’m already being put under a lot of pressure here! You don’t have to make me even more nervous!” You whispered angrily, looking up at the large bird. You breathed in deeply, and slowly let it out, your breath turning to cool mist in front of you.  Anxious thoughts clouded your mind…This is it…my chance to prove myself…
:icondimantesreign:DimantesReign 164 60
Just One Bite - Aido x Reader Part 5
Your fingers stayed poised over the trigger. Fear was making you start to feel a bit more volatile then you already were, and you feared that your shaking hands would affect the accuracy of your shot. He took a step forward, hands still in the air.
“Don’t you dare! You stay right there, Aido!” You raised the gun a bit more, and it now was aimed at his head rather then his chest. You took an huge step back. The late night air blew into your hair, and rustled up a delicious scent, sending it toward his nostrils. Something between fear, anxiety and intrigue; everything the predator needed to suppress his hunger,
                                          or make it even more intense.
“Please…(Name)…there’s no need for that gun.” Chills ran down his spine as the scent of your skin was wafted onto him again. He couldn’t tell if
:icondimantesreign:DimantesReign 134 89
Aido x Reader Just One Bite: Part 4
    The warm darkness of the Night Dorm lounge surrounded the three vampires. Aido, along with his best friend Akatsuki and the fair haired vampiress, Rima. They had been merely sitting there for hours on the lounge chairs, as the dorm was completely empty save for their three bodies.
    Aido looked down at his hands as they rested palm-up on his knees
    "Still shaking?" Akatsuki groaned in his usual low, indifferent tone, but in reality he was quite concerned about his little trouble-maker of a friend.
    "Yep...agh! This is ridiculous!" Aido flew up from his chair."This is boring! I've done nothing but sit in this dorm after class for the past three days! Everyone else is out and about why can't I-"
"You know exactly why you've been grounded here. You can't be trusted and this is your punishment," Akatsuki stated flatly, looking to Rima who sat quietly reading an old novel by the fireplace.
:icondimantesreign:DimantesReign 226 184




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